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Mar R.’s initial foray into professional makeup was through her cousin Brian, who was a celebrity stylist in the 80s. She leveraged her knowledge and skills to pay her way through college, where she was Pre-law, and began working for two major cosmetic companies, one of which included Bobbi Brown’s traveling artistry team. During this same time, she also headed up the first national artist program on the West Coast for Christian Dior, perfecting her technique and expanding her talents. In the mid 1990s, Mar’s job turned into more of a career, quickly evolving into the TV and film industry full time, which gave her opportunities to work with an exclusive celebrity clientele.

Once in the industry, Mar quickly realized where her true talents laid and, much to her parents displeasure, dropped out of college to take a chance on her passion and intuition.

Mar’s work was seen in countless TV shows, independent films and nationally broadcasted commercials. A defining moment in her career came in early 1999 when an Oscar nominee personally sought her out for her hair and makeup skills and that nominee went on to win an Academy Award that year!

In the fall of that same year, Mar founded her company - now known as TEAM Hair & Makeup. The bridal industry quickly took notice of her creativity, and after she styled just her first few brides, she knew she was hooked! “The biggest difference between working in Hollywood and working with a bride, is that brides are thrilled to have you there, it’s always fun and there’s lots of please and thank you’s. I’m a big fan of gratitude, I appreciate them and they appreciate me."

From those initial gratifying experiences, Mar has gone on to secure her place at the pinnacle of the wedding industry as one of the first dedicated Bridal Stylists, specializing in high-end weddings.

Over the past 17 years Mar has worked on over 3,000 weddings, all around the world, and, although she routinely gets called for production and celebrity work, she still feels her true passion and calling is within the Wedding Industry.

Mar’s work has been prominently featured in publications such as, People Magazine, US Weekly, Vogue, Marie Claire and Martha Stewart Weddings, just to name a few. Mar and TEAM are also constantly being highlighted on the most popular wedding industry blogs such as, Style Me Pretty, Oncewed, and Carats and Cake.  

Through perseverance and dedication, Mar has become known as one of the most sought after bridal stylists in the wedding industry. Although extremely grateful and appreciative for every opportunity which comes her way, Mar doesn’t rest on her laurels, and is always looking for ways to improve the quality of a bride’s experience. This past year, Mar and Co-Director of TEAM Hair & Makeup, Nicole, launched a sister company, TEAM Bridal Hair Extensions. Their new patent pending hair extensions can now be found online and in studio.

Over 17 years ago, Mar's vision and drive to create TEAM Hair and Makeup may have been to follow her intuitive passion, to disprove the naysayers, and to hustle. Now as a successful entrepreneur and seasoned artist of her trade, she has a future in the bridal community, working alongside a powerful group of talented artists, and continuing to create flawless timeless looks for the most classic of brides. Mar and TEAM continue to grow, refine their techniques and innovate within the wedding industry.

Artist: Karina Puente

Artist: Karina Puente